Even if you are handling the aftermath of a leaky pipe or a flood, dealing with a wet carpet is not a laughing stock. A soaked carpet could be damaging to your home more than your flooring, which is a totally nasty issue. There’s nothing to lose if you own a wet carpet. If you want to know some tips, follow the steps below to properly dry your carpet and stop mildew and moisture from spreading. 

Eliminate the moisture 

Stopping the water from streaming into the area is the most vital thing to do first. You can get the water or moisture out of your carpet by using a wet vacuum, which is an ideal tool to remove carpet moisture. A wet vacuum is pretty budget-friendly and you can actually rent one if you don’t own one during the flooding.  

Examine your furniture 

If you have fixtures and furniture within your space, inspect if the moisture affected your belonging. Though you can replace, dry, and remove some objects, others might need more special attention, such as upholstered furniture. Sadly, you might need to have the items that are extremely damaged by water to be disposed of. 

Make airflow 

As much as you can, create as airflow in the moist and affected area to help remove the moisture and odor from the room. Place a fan on the floor, turn on fans, and open your windows to help dry everything out.  

The best for this task would be high-powered fans. But, if you only own regular ones, a bit of airflow is always better than none. You can also utilize a dehumidifier to eliminate even more atmospheric moisture. 

Change the padding of your carpet 

In several cases, the paddings of your carpet are considered dead, especially when the water has totally absorbed by your carpet. You have to change carpet padding to stop the main carpet to be feasted with mold

Utilize baking soda 

In terms of removing and lifting trapped water, baking soda really helps a lot. You just have to spray a reasonable portion of baking soda above your moist carpet and leave it dry for at least 30 minutes. After waiting, you can vacuum it and expect to have a dry and fresh carpet. 

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