It is hard to teach your pets to behave when you visit their groomers. Most times, they would run away or bark aloud. It can cause stress and anxiety to our pets. It could be because of their previous experience. They could have received a kind of treatment that made them feel bad. The groomer could be very mad at them that those pets were petrified after. Of course, we can’t blame the groomers because they are just doing their work and it is difficult to get the attention of the dogs and other pets.  

There are different ways that others are trying just to get the behavior of their dogs right. It could be about giving them the home made doggy treats Vancouver. Most dogs are afraid of the noise brought by those equipment and machines for grooming. One reason could be the first time that they heard it. We must ensure that the place is conducive for grooming. They should not see other dogs for them to be quiet. There are cases that they become outraged due to the noises they can hear from other dogs such as loud barking.  

It is nice that you give your pets that chance to be comfortable first before you let the groomer groom them. It is a good way for them to feel better and a bit relaxed. You can let your pet see and check the different equipment. This will give them the chance to be more comfortable seeing them. They normally use their nose to check and sniff whether they are useful for them. When they are comfortable to be handled by the groomer. It will be easier for the groomer to take care of your dog during the entire time of grooming your pet.  

We can’t say that they are hungry, but most dogs love different kinds of food treats. Most dog trainers would use this kind of approach. Of course, this one will work for those dogs that have been trained. Giving them a reward would mean that they are doing a great job. There are times that they are calmed at first but during the middle time of grooming them. You can request the groomer to have a break first. It is a nice chance for the dogs to explore and avoid being nervous.  

We feel good whenever we listen to relaxing songs and music. We can do this one especially if your dog is into music. It gives them the pleasure that they are looking for before the grooming activity. There are some dog owners that would let their dog walk to the salon. It helps them to feel tired and have no energy to bark. It depends on the dog as well. You need to choose a groomer that has the experience and skills to handle this kind of dog behavior. This is not going to be cheap, but the outcome of the process would be pleasing to your dogs.