The plumbing within your property could stop functioning for several reasons. You probably have done something that destroyed and damaged your drain before you even know it. However, once something does not go well, most likely it’s not entirely about what you did wrong. Sometimes, it could be due to something else. Some of the causes might include aging water heaters, septic problems, kitchen grease, and tree roots. Here are the following discussion about these causes in full detail: 

Water heaters are aging 

You might never think about the chances of your water heaters to be the cause of any issue. But, you still might want to have them replaced or repaired contingent to how old they are. Conducting an inspection regularly is the sole means of identifying this. You can ask for the help of the plumbing experts from Geelong Plumbing for an accurate assessment. 

Septic Issues 

There are particular things that you should never allow to be drained down your toilet since they might be the culprit why all types of septic issues occur. Two of the most typical items within your household that you must not dispose of your septic tanks are paint and bleach. Also, you must never dispose of trash similarly. 

Kitchen Grease 

Whether you want it or not, kitchen grease could actually clog up your plumbing works as well. So, you should never drain down a hot kitchen grease right after cooking to prevent the buildup of oil in your drain. This can prevent clogging in the near future.  


Similar to all dirt, once you accumulate a great amount of trash, it must go outside. By going outside, we mean that you should take them out in a traditional manner. You should refrain from putting your trash down your pipes to prevent further plumbing damage.  

Tree roots 

Tree roots can also pose risks to the plumbing of your property. Though a lot of trees that you can observe in your street or yard have yet to wake up, that does not imply that they don’t have active roots. If the trees are provided sufficient time, their roots could infiltrate anything, even your businesses or home’s foundations. The answer to this would be a rooter—a machine that can go in and eliminate the present roots. 

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