Major Indicators that You Have a Diseased Tree

A diseased tree could provide a hazardous risk to your property and the members within your household since they eventually become frail, causing them to fall when you least expect it. Discover the following usually warning indicators that your trees might be diseased. This is important so you can know what measures to take once you observe them in your trees and to better prepare for it. Here are some of them: 

Leaves are discolored 

During the fall, it is inevitable for leaves to change their color. However, if you can see that your leaves change to brown or yellow during the summer or spring seasons, it could be an indication that your tree is rotten.  

Hoof-Shaped Development  

A typical kind of fungus that can be found on Hickory, Cherry, and Maple trees looks like a sturdy, grey development that appears just the same with the hoof of an animal. If you see this on your trees, it is recommended to totally remove it right away. Otherwise, it will keep on spreading and growing.  

The base of the trees has shelves 

A specific kind of fungus that usually impacts Oak trees could be observed in trees that have a growing stunted branch. However, this type of fungus could also be seen through the development of brown-colored shelves along the tree’s base. Infected trees could possibly pose a danger of falling in no time after seeing obvious indicators.  


One of the signs of a diseased tree is powdery mildew that basically develops as tiny white spots on the leaves of your trees. It usually grows later in the year after high humidity seasons. Moreover, the disease that makes this mildew could change the leave’s shape and restrict the development of your tree.  

Fluid seepage 

Once the base of your tree has a pooling fluid that looks like slime or oozing from the bark that causes streaking lines on the tree, there is a great possibility that your tree is diseased.  

Bark is peeling 

The bark is important to secure the core of your trees and to keep it healthy. Once the bark falls off or is removed, it could be open to harmful elements and wood-boring insects. The moment you observe massive bark parts that are missing from your tree, you need to immediately reach out to a tree expert near you. 

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